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International Business
If you are looking to incorporate an offshore company fast and at a low cost, then Dominica, a leading offshore company registration and tax haven in the Caribbean, offers fast offshore international Business Company IBC formation. Our offshore services are expedient and professional.
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IBC Formation in Dominica

If you are looking to incorporate an offshore company fast and at a low cost, then Dominica, a leading offshore company registration and tax haven in the Caribbean, offers fast offshore international Business Company IBC formation. Our offshore services are expedient and professional.

We are offshore IBC registered agents approved by the goverment of Dominica to help you incorporate your offshore company in Dominica. The documentation requirement, unlike that of banks and trust companies, is simple, and we can incorporate your international business offshore company in Dominica in less than 24 hours.

Benefits to Incorporate and IBC in Dominica

An offshore company incorporated in Dominica, also known as an international business company, will enjoy a wide range of benefits including the following tax advantages:

Exemption from all Dominican local taxes, duties and other similar charges is granted for twenty (20) years.
Total anonymity and confidentiality is provided by the availability of bearer shares and the non requirement to file organisational or accounting information with the Registrar of Companies. Share registers are required to be available for inspection only by registered shareholders or by Court Order.
Dominica's Act places emphasis on offering ease of operation to international offshore companies. There are no statutory requirements to hold annual general meetings. Time and venue for general meetings can be determined by members, and participation in meetings can be by telephone or other electronic means.
Shares can be issued for consideration other than money and without par value.
Members can reissue and require their own shares.
Single directorates and corporate directors and shareholders are allowed.

The Exchange Control Ordinance does not apply to IBCs The second Amendment to the Act allows for electronic registration, which will allow companies to register 24 hours a day, any day of the week. Contact us for more information about your offshore company registration in Dominica.

IBC Package

There are many advantages in incorporating your company in the Commonwealth of Dominica:

Nominee services through lawyers
Highest level of privacy protection
Limited liability without any paid up capital requirement
Legal tax exemption for twenty (20) years
No taxation on any kind of income
No accounting requirements
No reporting requirements
No fees for accountants
No auditing
No requirements on profession or financial standing
Business can be conducted internationally and much much more

With the payment of the first year incorporation fees we will provide you with the folowing services

Name check and reservation of name
Preparation and settling of memorandum
Preparation and settling of articles
Preparation of resistration forms
Filing with the Registrar of Companies
Payment of filing fees

Your incorporation package includes:

First year government filing fees
Certificate of Incorporation
Memorandum and Articles of Association
Letter of Appointment of first director
Nominee shareholder (if required)
Declaration of Trust from the nominee shareholder (if a nominee shareholder is required)
Declaration of Trust from the nominee director (if a nominee director is required)
Minutes of the first meeting of the founders
Share Certificates
Register of Shareholders
Register of Directors
Resolution to OpenBank Account (by special request)
Resolution to Rent Officies (by special request)
Resolution to Appoint a Comapny Lawyer (by special request)
Resolution to an Accountant (by special request)
Registered Agent Services, (first year)
Registered Office, (first year)

There are additional / optional services like:

Unlimited Power of Attorney
Limited Power of Attorney
Apostille of incorporation documents and others
International express delivery (with the tracking number) by FedEx or DHL.
Opening of bank accounts
Other resolution

Bank Accounts

We can assist you in the opening of an offshore account for your IBC in a private offshore bank in Dominica for commercial and investment purposes. The bank offers to its clients' multicurrency offshore accounts, with secure on-line operation facilities, Cirrus/maestro debit cards and credit Master Card, etc. Initial deposit for the account activation is $1,000.

The following documents are required with your Offshore account application:

Certified copy of all charter documents of the company
A Resolution of the board of directors which appoints the Bankers
Completed application forms for the offshore account to be opened
Notarized copy of a valid passport for each account signatory, shareholder and director. (The notarization must contain the contact information on the notary public)
Proof of a permanent address for each signatory such as; a recent utility bill, a credit card statement etc.
A bank reference on each signatory to the account. The reference must be on a letter head of the issuing institution and the name and position of the signing officer on the reference.
In case the company issued bearer shares the original share certificate has to be kept with the bank.

You will be able to choose a suitable bank account option while filling in the Online Incorporation Form for IBC in Dominica.

For more information about international business, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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